Once upon a time in Poljica

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Once upon a time in Poljica


Once upon a time, in a land far far away, lived a great duke. The great duke was elected by the people and he ruled for only a year. The people were hardworking and righteous, settled around the great mountain Mosor, living a simple life with nature...

‘Once upon a time’ refers to the period from 13th to 19th century, and ‘in a land far far away’ refers to the Republic of Poljica. Poljica is an area of 250 square kilometers east of Split, and approximately in the middle of it is Dubrava: a small village with 300 people who eagerly await young people searching for God in simplicity. Trough making of autochthonous dish ‘soparnik’, listening to traditional ‘klapa’ tunes, sightseeing The Middle Poljica area and pirate Omiš (with a few surprises), we are going to explore the heritage of Poljica. We will seek the Lord in the sparse Dalmatian rock lands and warmhearted people of Dubrava, on the hot stone of Mosor and in refreshing blue sea, in the peaceful summer noon and in the afternoon throng. ‘And the one who seeks, finds!’

Special Requirements

Interest in history, food and encountering the local people.

Necessary items to bring



  • Mirjam Juginović


We're accommodated at the parish rental house