More than hiking at Velebit

More than hiking at Velebit


This experiment is a walking pilgrimage. If you want to enjoy the beauty of nature by hiking blazed trails, the Velebit National Park is a great choice.
Velebit hiking trails are favorite destinations of visitors, and one of the Park trademarks. There are 14 trails available in the Nature Park in total, ranging from easy to difficult, and allowing a wide range of visitors to directly experience the mountain and its surroundings. In addition to above decribed routes you will have opportunity to visit and hike in one of the most beautiful national parks in Croatia - National Park Paklenica.

Mostly we will walk 20-25 km on hiking paths and hills bringing our backpacks with us.

Special Requirements

Some trekking experience and proper physical condition

Capacity to walk 20-25 km per day with backpack

Necessary items to bring

  • sleeping bag
  • sleeping mat
  • hiking shoes
  • rucksack (max 10 kg)
  • rainproof clothing


  • Viktorija Kojundžić


Krasno is one of our largest mountain settlements, located on the northern slopes of Velebit at about 800 m above sea level, within the boundaries of the Velebit Nature Park.