Living at sea

Living at sea Sukosan


This experiment is designed for people who do not have to be "neither great sailors nor great prayers." Sailing is a sport, but also fun. The life of the crew together often encourages us to have nice moments of laughter deepening of our spiritual life. We choose a crew lifestyle that is simple. We prefer a kitchen that is moderate, anchoring from the marina, happy evenings on deck. The world of sailing can evoke images of luxury or encourage us to be close to nature.

The week is filled with time for prayer, sailing, silence, sharing and fellowship. Experiencing this sea adventure and being part of the crew will help us look back on our lives, recognize God’s footprints in our daily lives, and respond to his calls. These are the means by which we will help ourselves, all in the direction of fidelity to the Gospel. In this way we will listen to God, allowing him to speak to us across the sea, biblical texts and our lives.

Special Requirements

It is not obligatory to know how to sail, it is enough for a person to have the desire to learn.

Necessary items to bring

Sailing clothes


  • Tvrtko Barun SJ


Sailing boat