Finding God in Work

Finding God in Work Photo by Kevin Bhagat on Unsplash


Scripture: My Father still goes on working, and I am at work, too. Jn 5,17

Focus: According to Saint Ignatius of Loyola, God is a working God, who created all the world and he is always and every moment in the process of creating. God is giving existence, life, intelligence to us. God works for me in all creatures on the face on the earth, He acts in the manner of someone who is laboring. God becomes human in Jesus Christ who was also a worker. For most of His life, Jesus worked as a carpenter. He was a simple, hard working person before his public ministry. Jesus shows us the way that all human work can become a service of God. We can follow him doing our daily duties with love and dedication.

Prayer for the grace of the day: Lord Jesus, give me the grace that I could follow you in your dedication to work for others.


  • On the journey to your workplace think on the people you are working for (eg. your family, people you meet and work at the workplace, people who benefit from your work etc. ). Pray for them, offer all your efforts to God for them.
  • Work with dedication
  • Pause some minutes during your work. What is in your heart? For whom you are working? Remember Jesus the carpenter working for others. Ask to continue your work with his love.

Reading: Pope francis, Laudato Si, 124 and 128

According to the biblical account of creation, God placed man and woman in the garden he had created (cf. Gen 2:15) not only to preserve it (“keep”) but also to make it fruitful (“till”). Labourers and craftsmen thus “maintain the fabric of the world” (Sir 38:34). Developing the created world in a prudent way is the best way of caring for it, as this means that we ourselves become the instrument used by God to bring out the potential which he himself inscribed in things: “The Lord created medicines out of the earth, and a sensible man will not despise them” (Sir 38:4).

We were created with a vocation to work. The goal should not be that technological progress increasingly replace human work, for this would be detrimental to humanity. Work is a necessity, part of the meaning of life on this earth, a path to growth, human development and personal fulfilment. Helping the poor financially must always be a provisional solution in the face of pressing needs. The broader objective should always be to allow them a dignified life through work.

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