Finding God in Sports - Life in movement

Bike pilgrimage around Lake Balaton


Scripture: The Word became flesh, he lived among us Jn 1, 14

Focus: Christianity is the religion of incarnation. God became a real human being, with a real body. This shows that the body is important for God. We believe in the resurrection of the body. We have the task to care and to protect our body. But the human body also has needs - our body needs movement, exercise to remain healthy. Usually our modern lifestyle has much less exercise as our predecessors had and what we really need. Therefore the intrinsic law of our body requires sport. In this way sport can be an expression of the obedience to God who has written this law into our human nature. Go and do sports, enjoy the movement, be thankful to God for your body.

Prayer for the grace of the day: Lord give me the grace that I could discover your love through the exercise of my body.


  • Do sports.
  • Enjoy the movement, the strength of your body.
  • Be thankful to God for you body and for the capacity of movement.
  • Pray as Saint Dominic prayed.

Prayer with gestures according to Saint Dominic   

We will pray with our gestures. I will explain and demonstrate the movements to you. I suggest staying in one posture for a longer period of time and focusing on the feelings a gesture brings to us.  

  • I stand straight with my arms hanging next to my body. I can close my eyes or choose one point on the floor and rest my eyes on it. I can feel that the ground holds me.
  • I listen to the sounds and noises around me. (The bigger ones, the smaller ones...)
  • I put my hands together in front of my chest. This gesture expresses respect, feeling composed and collected in my heart.
  • I open my arms with my palms facing upwards. This gesture expresses openness, reception, but it can also mean offering myself.
  • Then I raise my hands shoulder height, my palms facing each other. I can feel the energy between them. The priest prays this way in the Eucharist, and I can also feel that I’m able to hold others in my soul.
  • Now, I open my arms as if to embrace the whole world. With the help of God, I can accept everything that comes to me, both the good things and the painful and difficult ones. (There are movements, in which it’s more difficult to stay. What does it mean for me?)
  • I raise my hands up to the sky. When I realise my frontiers and how small I am, I can understand, it is only God, I can turn to.
  • I lower my arms into the form of giving blessings. I can let God bless others through me.
  • I bend down, towards the ground. I bow in front of my Creator.
  • Then I stand up and stay in the presence of God.
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