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Here you'll find all basic information regarding Magis 2022 .

Dates of event:

From the 24th to the 31st of July 2022.

  • Ignatian experiments: from the 24th to the 29th of July, in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.
  • Closing Magis Festival: from the 29th to the 31st of July, in Split, Croatia

People arrive individually to the venue of the experiment before 5pm on the 24th of July. At the end of the experiments (29th of July) Magis organizes the travel to the venue of the Magis Festival (Split, Croatia). Departure is after noon on the 31st of July, Sunday.

Check out city of Split through virtual walk: https://360.visitsplit.com/

Ages of participants

MAGIS Europe 2021 aims at young adults, aged from 18 to 35. There is no exception for people under 18 years by any means. Note that the upper age limit does not apply to consecrated persons, organizers, helpers, and that there may be other exceptions agreed on with the organizing team. If you have any questions, please contact us at magis22@jesuits.eu.

Participation fee

The total cost for the event is 320.00 EUR per person. We are aware that depending where you come from, this might look quite expensive at first and we would like to make sure everyone has the chance to participate. Hence, we suggest three categories for the fee based on which part of Europe you come from

  • 320.00 EUR for participants from Northern and Western Europe, i.e. from: UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Austria
  • 270.00 EUR for participants from Southern Europe, i.e. from: Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Malta
  • 250.00 EUR for participants from Central Europe, i.e. from: Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, etc; and also from participants outside Europe.
  • If you are from Croatia, you can pay in KN, the fee is 1600kn.

Apart from that, we are able to provide financial help for a limited number of participants. If you feel that the fee that applies to your country is still too heavy for you, you can indicate this when filling the 'Application' form in the second step of the application process. There you can briefly describe your situation and why you apply for financial support (you are more likely to receive support if you still study and do not have regular salary, etc.). Please also state how much you are able to pay for the participation. This helps us support those who are in need according to their personal needs.

On the other hand, if you feel you are able to pay the full amount despite your category you are more than welcome to do so, thus helping those attendees with a limited financial source.

Participation fee for volunteers and consecrated persons is 100.00 EUR

The price covers the entire stay, including accommodation, food, event merchandise and transportation from the venue of the experiment to the Closing event in Split. The price does not include the transportation from your country and back – it must be arranged personally.

In case of withdrawal, we are not obliged to refund the fee you paid.

Registration and application process

We guide you through the application process here.

Here you can get more info weather you need visa and how to get it: Visa: do you need it and how you can get it?

In order to fully enjoy MAGIS you need a sufficiently high level of English.

Keep up to date with the latest news about MAGIS 2022 on the website and through the Facebook page and Instagram.